MacGlide / Wrap & Name

The Apprentice

This Davidson 36 got a whole makeover, above and below the waterline. The Apprentice is our first full wrap vessel using MacGlide. The owners have been able to prove all the documented aspects of MacGlide to be correct and then some. They say that what is not usually considered is the “hidden costs” of hauling out every year. Once back in the water, the overwhelming comment is “For any growth, one sail later, the growth has washed away.” Updated pinstripes were also added with a their new name, ‘Apprentice’ was unveiled. 

MacGlide / Name Refresh

How Bizarre

This well campaigned offshore Seaquest 36 was wrapped in MacGlide to help reduce fouling and the need to haul out every year. The owners were working professionals that had limited time to maintain their vessel and wanted an alternative. A makeover of Pin striping had from blue to black / silver to match the   name completed the upgrade. A couple of weeks later on the 2020 Melbourne to Devonport IRC racer was awarded with third. 

Pin Stripe & Name


This gorgeous cruising Diamond was refitted by Victorian Yachting Services. We were asked to add a touch of flair with gold pin lines and lettering. Dianna was a gem to work on and this classic yacht will be a standout on the water. 

Chrome Wrap & Name


While this is the second VX One this client has asked us to wrap. The first in chrome but this time around we wanted his second boat to stand out just that little bit more. Black Chrome adds the flare that our client wanted. We added red chrome lettering and carbon fiber shadowing of “Slick” to round out this stunning design.

Speed Boat Re-fresh

Tige QT704

This Tige 24V was in the process of being updated and ready for the family to get back into the water. The tired original design was removed and updated with a current Wakeboard styling while colour matching the wake tower red and upholstery.