Meet the Team

Festival of Sails – Event Demo

Phil Smith


“A day on the water is always better than a day on land.”

Festival of Sails – Event Demo

James Tait


“The only way to do great work is to do what you love.”

MacGlide Team
Festival of Sails – Team Photo

MacGlide Team

Support Team

“High performance MacGlide adhesive film is good for your boat, for your wallet, and for marine fauna and flora.”

Our Approach

National Marine Wraps has the answer for all of your marine craft needs. Eco-friendly fouling which contains NO biocides and will keep the water we love healthy and clean for time to come. Custom boat wrap, internal and external, whatever your taste is. As well as basic boar names and registration numbers to keep you to code. We have a solution for you.

Next Steps…

Give us a call, book in your boat and enjoy life on the water.