MacGlide™ film is the result of several years of research and development. With over 5 years of extensive testing in the market, MacGlide is a proven ecological solution for fouling prevention.

Motorboat owners will see reduced fuel consumption (typically 5-6% less), and sailors will enjoy higher maximum speeds.

Marine organism protection
MacGlide™ film does not erode in water, and contains no biocide. Movement of micro-organisms from one area to another is made less likely by the excellent anti-fouling performance of MacGlide™ film.

Unmatched ease of maintenance
Remove stains with a sponge or soft brush.

Fouling falls off from speeds of 5 knots.

Suits all types of boats
up to 40 metres.

5-year durability
Compared with 6-8 months for toxic anti-fouling agents.

Fuel savings
Use around 5 to 6% less.

Increase Sailing speed
Estimated to 4-5% according to hull design.

Lower maintenance costs over a period of 5 years.

Unmatched gel coat protection
MacGlide™ film is impermeable to water, reducing osmosis and ensuring lower hull moisture content than any conventional antifouling paint solution.

150 000 tons of antifouling paints are used across Europe each year, and every square metre of applied paint contains around 15g of biocide – capable of contaminating 150 000 m3 of water. It means that such paints cause damage to the marine environment. They also create a need for frequent repainting. The good news is that helping the environment also improves protection for your boat – with less maintenance and lower overall costs. High performance MacGlide™ adhesive film is good for your boat, for your wallet, and for marine fauna and flora.

Mactac and PPG joined forces to create this innovative and non-polluting alternative to conventional anti-fouling treatments.

MacGlide™ film offers excellent built-in repelling properties (patented). It protects your hull from colonisation by marine organisms without using harmful biocides or pesticides. Macglide is self cleaning meaning fouling will fall of by itself at speeds over 5 knots which avoids transportation of these micro organisms between ports and across the globe. By choosing MacGlide™ film instead of paint, you are doing your part to preserve marine life, the environment and human health.

And because your boat can go further and faster, MacGlide™ film helps you to enjoy your time at sea more than ever before.


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